3rd International Traditional Food and Sustainable Nutrition Symposium

The 3rd International Symposium on Traditional Foods and Sustainable Nutrition, organized by Toros University, is a significant international scientific, technological, and business forum focusing on traditional foods, sustainable food, nutrition, and gastronomic systems.

We are living in an era that requires urgent solutions to pressing issues such as international climate change, food shortages, poverty, pandemic diseases, depletion of natural resources, and similar challenges. Given the limited nature of our resources, it is evident that there is an urgent need to preserve ecosystems to ensure they are sufficient for future generations. This transformation aims to create a socially responsible, environmentally sustainable society, focusing on the preservation of the environment and dynamic balance in human and natural systems.

The 3rd International Symposium on Traditional Foods and Sustainable Nutrition will take place online on October 3-4, 2024, with the participation of distinguished researchers and academicians. The main theme of the symposium is to explore ways to address global challenges related to sustainability in the fields of food, nutrition, and gastronomy. We look forward to the participation of researchers in the symposium to share their research findings, innovative ideas, and proposals in the areas mentioned, as indicated by the links provided below.

We look forward to your participation in the symposium.

Symposium Organizing Committee.



Sustainable Food Systems From Agriculture to Industry
Slow Food Movement and Traditional Food Cultures
Product Development and Sensory Analysis in The Food and Beverage Industry
Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture and Food Systems
Gastronomy Tourism and Cities of Gastronomy
Gastronomy Trends and İnnovations in Gastronomy
Catering and Collective Feeding System
Food and Culture Relationship
Other subjects

Beslenme ve Diyetetik


Principles of Healthy Eating, Food Security and Safety
Obesity, Malnutrition and Eating disorders
Relationship between Food, Nutrition and Metabolism
Organic Foods and Health Awareness
Healthy , Popular Diets and New Nutrition Trends
Functional Nutrients
Microbiota and Nutrition
Community Awareness in Sustainable Nutrition
Other subjects



Innovative Food Processing Technologies
Food Chemistry
Food Microbiology
Food Additives
Traditional Foods
Food Rheology, Texture and Shelf Life
Food and Sustainability
Food Safety and Food Waste Management
Other subjects



01. Ali Özveren - Toros University Founder Chair of The Board of Trustees- Toros University
02. Sertaç ÖZVEREN - Toros University Chair of The Board of Trustees- Toros University
03. Prof. Ömer ARIÖZ- Toros University Rector - Toros University


01. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Hulusi DINÇOĞLU-Burdur Mehmet Akif Ersoy University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, Turkey
02. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Sertaç ÖZER-Çukurova University Food Engineering-Turkey
03. Prof. Dr. Nuray GÜZELER- Çukurova University, Department of Food Engineering -Turkey
04. Prof.Dr.Sedef Nehir El-Ege University, Department of Food Engineering- Turkey
05. Prof. Dr. Songül Çakmakçı- Atatürk University, Department of Food Engineering- Turkey
06. Prof. Dr. Tulay Ozcan -Uludag University, Department of Food Engineering- Turkey
07. Prof. Dr. Gülden PEKCAN- Hacettepe University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics- Turkey
08. Prof. Dr. Efsun KARABUDAK-Sanko University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics- Turkey
09. Prof. Dr. Murat BAŞ - Acıbadem Mehmet Ali Aydınlar University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics - Turkey
10. Prof. Dr. Nurcan YABANCI AYHAN- Ankara University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics- Turkey
11. Prof. Dr. Sevinç Yücecan- Lokman Hekim University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics- Turkey
12. Prof. Dr. Mahir Turhan- Mersin University, Food Engineering, Turkey
13. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özge SÜFER- Osmaniye Korkut Ata University, Department of Food Engineering -Turkey
14. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sezin Tuta Şimşek - Çankırı Karatekin University, Department of Food Engineering-Turkey
15. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ceren GEZER- Eastern Mediterranean University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics- Turkey
16. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Özge KÜÇÜKERDÖNMEZ- Ege University, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics- Turkey
17. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gamze ERYILMAZ-İskenderun Technical University, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Turkey
18. Assoc. Prof. Çağdaş Ertaş- Şırnak University, Tourism Management, Turkey
19. Dr. Aichurok Mazhitova- Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University Food Engineering Department-Kyrgyzstan
20. Dr. Duygu Başkaya Sezer Amasya University, Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services-Turkey
21. Dr. Murat KALENDER- Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University Laboratory and Veterinary Health Program -Turkey
22. Dr. Mustafa Kadir ESEN - Mersin University, Department of Food Technology, Turkey
23. Dr. Zhyldyzai Ozbekova- Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University Food Engineering Department-Kyrgyzstan
24. Prof. Dr. Esra Tansu SARIYER- University of Health Sciences, Department of Nutrition and Dietetics- Turkey
25. Prof. Dr. Merve TOKPUNAR- Biruni University Department of Nutrition and Dietetics- Turkey
26. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gürkan AKDAĞ -Mersin University Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts- Turkey
27. Dr. Saurabh Kumar DIXIT-North-Eastern Hill University Department of Tourism and Hotel Management- India
28. Dr. Ögr. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Volkan YILMAZ-Ankara University, Nutrition and Dietetics, Turkey
29. Prof. Dr. Ömür Uçar -Giresun University, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Turkey
30. Dr. Y. Venkata Rao- Pondicherry University, Department of Tourism Studies- India


01. Asst. Prof. Dr. Gonca YILDIRIM
02 Asst. Prof. Dr. Başak ÖNCEL Co-chair
03 Prof. Dr. Bahar TANER Toros University Member
04 Prof. Dr. Yüksel ÖZDEMİR Toros University Member
05 Assoc. Prof. Dr Betül GÜLŞEN ATALAY Toros University Member
06 Asst. Prof. Dr. Eda PARLAK Toros University Member
07 Asst. Prof. Dr. Meltem MERMER Toros Universty Member
08 Asst. Prof. Dr. Özlem ÖZPAK AKKUŞ Toros Universty Member
09 Asst. Prof. Dr. Çağla ÖZBEK Toros University Member
10 Asst. Prof. Dr. Selda DALAK Toros University Member
11 Lect. Kamuran ÖZTOP Toros University Member


01. Lect. Betül YAPICI NANE Toros University Member
02. Lect. Adnan AYDIN Toros University Member
03. Lect. Uğurcan METİN Toros University Member
04. Res. Assist. Nasibe ULUK Toros University Member
05. Res. Assist. Ayşe Gökçe ALP Toros University Member



Prof.Dr.Ferruh Erdoğdu
Ankara University, Department of Food Engineering


Prof. Dr. Sc. Ines Banjari
J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek Faculty of Food Technology Department of Food and Nutrition Research


Dr. Sanije Zejnelhoxha
Agricultural University of Tirana Faculty of Biotechnology and Food


Dr. Agnieszka Piekara
Wroclaw University of Economics and Business Institute of Chemistry and Food Technology


Assoc.Prof. Tetiana Stepanova
Sumy National Agrarian University Department Technology of Nutrition


Assoc. Prof. Seden Doğan
University of South Florida School of Hospitality and Tourism Management


Asst. Prof. PhD Ozbekova Zhyldyzai
Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University Department of Food Engineering


Prof. Dr. Mustafa Bayram
Gaziantep University, Department of Food Engineering

Event Schedules


Abstract /Full Paper Submission Deadline Aug 21, 2024
Registration Deadline Sep 21, 2024
Program Announcement Sep 30,2024
Symposium Date Oct 03-04, 2024
Symposium Proceeding Book Publish Dec 04, 2024


Papers that are not presented will not be included in the Proceedings and will not be refunded.

Day-01 03 October 2024 Day-02 04 October 2024




Online Participation

Certificate of participation

Symposium Book






Online Participation

Certificate of participation

Symposium Book






Online Participation

Certificate of participation

Symposium Book






Online Participation

Certificate of participation

Symposium Book





01. Symposium will be held remotely / online and there will be no physical participation. For online participation, the passwords of the sessions will be sent to each participant's registration e-mail from the membership information in the system. Passwords will be sent to participants one by one, and only those who are registered in the system will be allowed to log in to the system. Unregistered participants are not allowed to participate in the symposium.
02. Symposium is planned to have an international character and to meet the criteria for academic incentives and associate professorship applications.
03. Registration fees for the symposium are shown in the table above. Fees include symposium participation, symposium participation certificate, proceedings book, abstract and full-text book.
04. The type, order, backdating, relocation, and all other management-related responsibilities of the presentations belong to the chairpersons of the session. For this reason, symposium committees and other interested parties can not interfere with the sessions and chairpersons. All kinds of regarding requests must be forwarded to the relevant session chairpersons.
05. Each registration includes a maximum of two presentations. Participants who send more than two papers must pay half of the congress registration fee for each paper.
06. Presentations at the symposium are conducted in both English and Turkish. Presentation preferences should be indicated when uploading the abstract to the symposium. However, each author is obliged to submit their abstract in English, and those who wish may additionally submit it in Turkish. Full-text papers should include both English and Turkish abstracts. The main text can be either in English or Turkish. Full papers from international participants may include English abstracts only.
07. In the symposium, all kinds of transactions will be made through the system, and requests made via e-mail will not be accepted. All kinds of information about the symposium are available on the symposium website.
08. The deadline for abstract and full text submission is 21 August 2024.
09. Each paper will be sent to a reviewer for evaluation in a double-blind process. For the accepted papers, authors will be informed that the paper has been accepted.
10. Following this notification, participants from Turkey must pay the registration fee to complete their registration. Registration fees must be paid by credit card via the registration tab or by money transfer/EFT to the bank account stated below. Authors are required to upload their payment receipts to the system for payments made to the bank account. After the payment process is completed, the registration process for abstracts will be completed.
    Participation/presentation for students: 300 TL
    Participation/presentation for all other participants: 500 TL
11. If full-text is not found appropriate, only the abstract will be published in the proceedings book.
12. If authors wish to have their full paper (research articles only) published in the Journal of Food Nutrition and Gastronomy (JFNG) without any additional charges, they are required to write their full papers according to the JFNG writing guidelines, upload them to the journal, and enter the provided article number on the symposium website. Once the article number is entered into the system, the registration process for the full paper submission will be considered complete.
    Registration: https://jfng.toros.edu.tr/index.php/jfng
    Author guideline: https://jfng.toros.edu.tr/index.php/jfng/authorguidlines
13. Participants who want to register in the symposium without any paper submissions, after paying the participation fee by credit card or by money transfer/EFT to the bank account below, and uploading their receipts to the system, their registration will be completed
14. For international participants, attendance to the conference, submission of abstract or full-text papers, and JFNG publication are free of charge.
15. Acceptance letters are not sent in symposiums held with online/remote access where there is no physical participation. Acceptance e-mails sent to registered authors can be used as acceptance letters. In addition, if requested, a letter of acceptance will be sent ([email protected]). 
16. In the payment section, name & surname of the author who will present the paper and the name of the symposium should be written in the explanation part. The symposium cannot be held responsible for the disruptions that occur.
17. Symposium proceedings book will be published as PDF on the symposium website on December 4, 2024.
18. Participation certificates will be sent in PDF format to the e-mail address used during registration. Participation certificates will be prepared for each paper and will be sent only to the registered author.


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